Installing your dream landscape

Wood Elements like Arbors


Arbors, pergolas, decks, retaining walls, raised beds, fences, gates and more. Wood elements provide interesting landscape focal points and architectural elements. They help create shade and provide a comfortable space in the heat of the day. They also define areas which effectively become outdoor “rooms” defining a ground space, a vertical element in addition to the framework to be under. Wood elements add significantly to your outdoor spaces.


Walkways, patios, driveways, paths, retaining walls hold, define and accent your spaces. 
Water Elements - two drop Water fall


Water features may be made from both natural and architectural materials and incorporated into any size landscape. We work with a number of professionals especially landscape architects and landscape designers to move your project from imagination to reality. 

Ernesto Ramirez

Founder, CEO and lead for all onsite work. 
Our team has over 25 years experience in the unique micro climates and landscape opportunities in the San Francisco Bay area. Leading all projects are a highly-qualified licensed contractor, Ernesto Ramirez, and Yasmin Kemps, a professional landscape designer. We work on a variety of projects from intimate residential gardens to spacious business campuses.​

Sunscapes is a full-service landscape design and installation company operating throughout California's San Francisco Bay Area. Serving clients from design concept through installation, our experienced carpenters, masons, electricians and plant installation specialists bring landscape dreams to life. We look forward to working with your unique ideas and situation to bring your dreams to life
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